About the Institute

The Biblical Archaeological Institute

is an associated institute of the Bergisch University Wuppertal and institute of the Barmen School of Theology. It has also close connections with Witten-Herdecke Private University. A Council of three advises and monitors the director of the institute according to § 6 of the institute's charter.

The Biblical Archaeological Institute has been housed in the FD building of the Bergisch University's Freudenberg Campus since June 2002 (official opening was in 2003).
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Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. h.c. Dieter Vieweger was appointed director of the institute. He is Professor of Biblical Archaeology and Old Testament Studies at the Barmen School of Theology
and Research Professor of Archaeology at Witten-Herdecke Private University.

The Biblical Archaeological Institute has been closely associated with the German Protestant Institute of Archaeology in Jerusalem and Amman. Prof. Dieter Vieweger is simultaneously director of all three institutes. The GPIA is also a research unit of th German Archaeological Institute (DAI).

Scientific Projects

The most important project of the institute are the excavations on the Tall Zira'a (Jordan). The English Pages about this project are available at: Tall Zira'a.